Mitchell Stephens

Mitchell StephensTampa Bay Lighting "2-time" Stanley Cup Winner

Currenting playing with Detroit Red Wings

"I owe all the credit in the world to Mary Giacalone and the Scary Skate staff for the countless privates and sessions over the past 10 years that have no doubt made me a better skater and a better hockey player. In the modern game in order to be successful you have to strong on your feet and be able to skate.

The amazing sessions push you outside your comfort zone and also teach you to be as efficient as possible to maximize your abilities. Scary Skate is by far the best skating program."


Ty Dellandrea

Ty Dellandreaindex1st round pick to Dallas -13th over all

"“Ever since I started working with Mary Giacalone & the Scary Skate team, I have not only improved my skating tremendously but it has also made me into a better player, as skating is one of the most important skills in the game. Going into my OHL draft year was a big summer with Mary, and she deserves all the credit for turning my skating around. The staffs hard work, dedication, and care for the individual player is outstanding and I can”t thank them enough."


Justin Danforth

Justin DanforthColumbus Blue Jackets Team Canada Gold medal winner - Spengler Cup winner

"Scary Skate (Mary) has been a great experience for me, that I've had the pleasure being apart of over the last 12 years. It has been an essential part of my success as a hockey player, and has continued to develop each and every aspect of my game. Mary and Justin are both very professional and outstanding at providing the necessary tools for their students to reach the next level. I would recommend Scary Skate to whomever looks to gain that much needed edge on their opponents."



Ethan Cardwell

Justin DanforthBarrie Colts OHL - 4th round draft pick to San Jose Sharks

"I’d like to thank Mary Giacalone and the scary skate staff for the countless hours they have put into helping me improve my craft over the years. I give Mary and her team all the credit for making me the skater I am today. I started at scary skate when I was only 8 years old, as skating begin to prove so important in the game of hockey and all of the private’s over the years have given me an edge over my competition. Scary skate breaks you down as a skater and really works hard on turning your weakness’s into strengths. Without a doubt I can say Mary and her crew are the best in the business."



Joel Ward

Joel Ward hockey image8468208San Jose Sharks - NHL - Henderson Silver Knights AHL Coach

"I started skating with Mary before I played in the NHL and the lessons have really helped me move on to that next level of skating. Skating is one of the biggest parts of the game and all players need to continually work on it if they are to compete at the highest levels. I would recommend Mary’s program to everyone.  Mary Giacalone and her  scaryskate staff will impact your skating."


Bryan Bickell

Bryan BickellChicago Blackhawks- Carolina Hurricanes NHL

"Scary Skate has been a huge part of my career. From my early years to now they have helped me to become the player I am today. Their hard work, knowledge and dedication to the sport of hockey is second to none. Anyone looking to take the next step, I highly recommend Scary Skate!"



Jen Wakefield

Jen WakefieldHockey Canada - IIHF- Sweden

"I have been skating with Scary Mary since I was in elementary school and continue to work with her every summer to prepare for the following season. I feel a significant difference in my skating ability —straight away speed, edges, tight turns— that translates into confidence on the ice.

The way Scary Mary breaks down the fundamentals of skating is one of her many strengths and allows me to fully grasp and utilize all the concepts she teaches. She continuously pushes me out of my comfort zone and has been a huge impact on my hockey career."


George Burnette

George Burnett Guelph StormdownloadHead Coach/General Manager Guelph Storm OHL

"I have had a long working relationship with Mary Giacalone. She has been the power skating coach for the different OHL teams that I have coached over the years. She works not only with our team as a group, but often taking individuals players aside and working one on one with them. She is highly respected by all our staff and players.


Mary provides a technical element to our teams skating sessions. Her workouts are a great alternative that our players look forward to. Any one hoping to reach that next level will defiantly benefit from Mary’s power skating sessions."


Marco Rosa

Marco RosaAsiago HC Italy-National Team

"In college, skating was a huge part of the game and became even more important as my career has gone on. I started with Mary going in to my first season of NCAA. With the right technique through the repetition of many Scary Skates, and working with Mary I was able to generate more speed & power with minimal effort and have been able to play hockey at an elite/pro level for over 16 years."


Mike Kostka

Mike KostkaNHL/ Skellefteå AIK Swedish League

"The emphasis on skating in hockey continues to be at the forefront of the evolution of the game. With that being said, Mary and her team of instructors have worked diligently with me over the years to help take my game to the next level. Her ability to identify weaknesses and improve upon them has been an integral part of my success as a collegiate and professional player. For her time and dedication I am forever grateful!





Scary Skate's Wall of Fame

The list below includes past, present and future professional and amateur hockey players from across Canada and the United States. 

Liam Reddox

Joel Ward

Josh Bailey

Shawn Thornton

James Neal

Jay Harrison

Anthony Stewart

Theo Peckham

Bryan Bickell

P.K. Subban

Mike Kostka

Borry Hughes

Michael Haley

T.J. Kemp

Marco Rosa

Eric Regan

Mike McLean

Matthew Caruana

Adam Berti

Shawn Matthias

Rob Shremp

Chris Breen

Jamie Johnston

Greg Nemisz

Chris Chappell

Ty Delandrea

Katelyn Ray

Alex Basey

Zack Nieminen

Steven Deeg

Mason Marchment

Luke Pither

Richard Greenop

Michael Neal

Kevin Henderson

Eric Tangradi

Bradley Snetsinger

Tyler Cuma

Kevin Cutting

Andy Andreoff

Jon Carnevale

Ryan Martindale

Justin Fox

Dalton Smith

Marcus McIvor

Ian Watters

Joesph Cramarossa

Marc Cantin

Justin Kea

Josh Shalla

Adam Chapman

Daniel Zweep

Kevin Cutting

Garrett Hooey

Ryan Zupanic

Joshua Chapman

Mike Kostka

Alex Woods

Megan Pardy

Hanna Bunton

Guy Jacobs

Kennedy Marchment

Drake Caggiula


Peter Neal

Mitchell Heard

Connor Boland

Matt Tipoff

Alex Friesen

Taylor Feilding

Derrick Bagshaw

Chad Heffernan

Jordan Subban

John Hughes

Tyler Donati

Jesse Biduke

Jason Guy

Ben O'Connor

Trevor Koverko

Kody Musselman

Ryan Ramsay

Matt Lahey

Bobby Davey

Jason Cassidy

Scott Barney

Bradley Snetsinger

Chris Beckford-Tseu

Brendan Serville

Kailey Chappell

Mitchell Stevens

Emily Reid

Emily Volpe

David Ross

Mike Mackenzie

Brittany Chandlier

Jenny Maclean

Kyle Steckley

Pat Daley

Marcus Carroll

Justin Caruana

Dustin Ekelman

Ryan Daniels

Kyle VandeBospoort

Ryan Gottschalk

Paul Cianfrini

Brandon Foote

Tyler Melancon

Zach Fenwick

Colt Kennedy

Cody Alcock

Dustin Ekeleman

Dylan Goddard

Cory Tonaka

Marc Cantin

Matthew Tipoff

Daniel Pachis

Jeff Larsh

Andrew Angelage

Marc Cundari

Ethan Cardwell

Jack Thompson

Jamie Grigsby

Brandon Robinson

Hailey Norohna

Jordan Ramsay

Dan Sullivan

John Hughes

Eddy Snetsinger

Tom Lawson

Ryan Ramsay

T.J. Kemp

Rob Leask

Jason Morgan

Matt Carauna

Zack Stortini

Rick Schofield

Devon Shore

Jen Wakfield

Bri Sullivan

Tara Watchhorn

Kurtis Gabriel

 Ian Mckinnon

 Justin Danforth

 Brent Grieve

 Ian Fraiser

 Chris Snell

 Devan Shore

 Madison Badeau

 Ryhen Mcgill

 Krista Yip-chuck

Charlea Pederson

Kirsten Welsh

Mike Bandwell

Jake Marchment


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